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Rental FAQ's

Do I need to purchase a parking pass? At this time (1/3/2024), parking passes are not available for purchasing. We will update accordingly.

What is a "Town Parking Permit/Resident Parking?" As provided by the Town of OKI's website, "Town Parking Permits are available exclusively for Town residents & property owners. They allow for parking in specially marked Town Parking spaces, as well as regular Paid Parking spaces, during the enforcement times. PLEASE NOTE: Residents & property owners are allowed up to three (3) Town Parking Permits per property owned. Verification is provided through the property's Water Utilities Account Number. Residents of larger apartment complexes, condos, or owners of undeveloped property without utility service, will need to contact their property manager or Otto Connect directly to be issued a unique customer code, which can be used instead of the utilities account number. Town Parking Permits can be purchased at any time throughout the year, and are not limited to a specific purchase option or time." For additional information, please visit,

What is the difference in the Standard 6 Passenger & the Upgraded 6 Passenger? Our Standard 6 Passenger Cart is older and equipped with a standard lead acid battery. The battery range is +/- 20-25 miles. Our Upgraded 6 Passenger is a Brand New 2023 Bintelli Beyond! This vehicle is equipped with one of the biggest Lithium Battery Packs on the Market! Enjoy the extended battery range of +/- 70 miles !

Do the Carts come with a chair rack? Yes, all of our rentals are equipped with a chair rack on the back of the cart. The chair rack makes hauling your beach necessities a breeze!

Where am I allowed to park as a "vacationer?" At the yellow bumpers that have the parking sign with the QR Code.

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