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Rental Process & Information 

NEW Steps to Reserve your Rental
"Give Us a Call & We'll Handle it All"
How to Reserve your Low Speed Vehicle/Street Legal Golf Cart
Call during business hours to  place your reservation and pay the non-refundable deposit over the phone.​

**Please Note:  Renter and all LSV operators, MUST be 21 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license and be able to provide proof of active car insurance**


Reservation Process Details

Have the following information on hand when reserving your rental over the phone:

  1. $50 Non-Refundable Deposit

  2. First & Last Name 

  3. Cell Phone Number

    • For confirmations & reminders, etc.

  4. Email Address

    • For paperwork, etc.

  5. Beginning & End Date of rental period

  6. Passenger Load (4 or 6 Passenger)

  7. State Issued Driver's License

  8. Non-Expired Proof of Car Insurance

  9. Credit Card Number to keep on file for incidentals & to pay the non-refundable deposit

Rental Agreement & Remaining Balance

The Rental Agreement and remaining balance will be completed at the time of the Rental Pick Up.

Picking Up & Returning the Cart

Pick Up

  • Lessee(s) will pick up their cart(s) on the first day of their rental period, 

    • Please Note:  Your pick up day &/or time may differ dependent on that season's respective operating hours.  


  • Lessee(s) will return their cart(s) on the last day of the rental period prior to 10am

  • Keys should be turned in to the drop box on the front of the shop porch by the front door




  • All deposits are non-refundable. Period. End of Story.

  • If cancelled between 7 and 14 days before check-in, you'll be refunded 50% for all nights, less the deposit.

    • If cancellation occurs after that, no refund will be given.​

No Show (No notice)

  • Failure to show for a rental reservation will automatically result in the reservation being cancelled and any funds collected will not be returned.

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