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Rules, Laws & Regulations

Pete's Golf Carts Rules

  1. DO NOT run cart on low voltage (under 42 volts).                

  2. DO NOT tow OR push golf cart for any reason.                        

  3. DO NOT drive through standing water, this means puddles in the road.      

  4. Report any malfunctions to Pete's Golf Carts immediately  

  5. Remove key from vehicle when not in use.                        

  6. Renter must leave valid credit card information on file and if damages occur the card will be charged.

    • All charges are subject to final inspection of cart upon return.  Any damages, including late fees, will be  charged to credit card left on file.      ​     

  7. Vehicle must be returned by 10 am on last day of rental, fully charged.  OR late fees will occur fees will occur up to the amount of the vehicles value.

    • If not, you will be charged a $50.00 fee on the credit card that is on file.  

Pete's Golf Carts Battery Charging Information

Battery Information

  • Charge the battery every night that the cart has been used

  • Allow 12-14 hours for the cart to FULLY charge

  • Cart can travel approximately 15-20 miles on a FULL charge

  • When the cart voltage registers 42V, you need to immediately proceed to charge the battery

  • If the voltage drops below 42V and/or the cart starts jerking or flashing lights, STOP immediately and call Pete’s Golf Carts for Roadside Assistance 

  • DO NOT TOW for any reason 

  • NO NOT PUSH the Cart for any reason

  • If you have any issues, IMMEDIATELY CALL US at (336)633-8163 -OR- (910)933-6194


How to Charge Your Cart's Battery 

  1. Plug the power cord on the charger into a 3 prong, 110 outlet

    • If an extension cord is needed, make sure to use a heavy duty cord.

  2. Plug the charging cord into the cart  

    • This is the funky rubber end.  

    • Ensure it is securely plugged in

    • The cord only goes in one way.

  3. You will know the charger is working once the light on the charger starts blinking 

    • Make sure this light comes on and is flashing green or the cart is not charging

  4. The cart is fully charged when the blinking light becomes a SOLID green.  



  • Charger does not display a flashing green light?

    • Make sure all cords are completely plugged in and secure.

      • Wiggle the cord like you would a cell phone charger  

    • Make sure the receptacle is working and has power running to it.

    • Check the breaker box

      • The breaker could be tripped.

  • How do I know the cart is getting low on battery life?

    • When the accelerator pedal is pressed and the voltmeter on the speedometer (bottom left corner) reaches 42V, the cart is low and you should return home to charge the cart.  

    • If you keep going lights will start flashing on the speedometer and at this point you should contact Pete’s Golf Carts for Roadside Assistance. 

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Failure to to follow the above instructions could result in serious cart damage.  Specifically the possibility of burning up both the engine and the controller.  That repair damage is estimated at a minimum of $2,000 in which you will be held responsible for.   Failure to follow all of the guidelines, could result in damages to the cart and the monetary responsibility of any and all repair costs to the lessee


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