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NO VACANCY until july 27th

Welcome to Pete's Golf Carts

Pete's Golf Carts is the Premier Authorized Bintelli Dealer and LSV Rental Business on Oak Island.  Family owned and operated since 1988 and serving Brunswick County since 2015.

"We Service, What We Sell"

Paid Parking Information

Visit the Town of Oak Island's Website, by clicking the link below for Full Details about the Parking Program

Please Note:  These passes do not allow you to park in "Town Resident" designated spots

"Amazing service!  


Kendra and the crew helped us with getting our golf cart updated and street legal. She is super knowledgeable and set expectations perfectly. She taught us quickly the things we needed to know with the new equipment and when our batteries went bad later they came and picked it up, swapped batteries and dropped it back at the house!  


They have earned our business for good!"



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